Praktik på Emmaus Stockholm

Vi har haft förmånen att få ha tre internationella praktikanter hos oss under sommaren. Natalie från USA, Joanna från Australien och Lila från Frankrike har följt oss i vårt arbete för en mer hållbar värld och västsahariernas rätt till självbestämmande.

Natalie, Joanna och Lila har fått följa med i alla delar av verksamheten och provat på alla arbetsuppgifter, allt från att sortera kläder till att möta politiker i Almedalen. I slutet av sin praktikperiod fick de skriva en reflektion om hur de upplevde att arbeta på en solidaritetsorganisation.


Natalie McCray från University of Richmond i USA:

Natalie McCray. Foto: Caroline Nord/ Emmaus Stockholm

”My intern colleague Joanna and I were very fortunate our first day at Emmaus Stockholm; we got the opportunity to meet with 3 representatives from Western Sahara. One girl was actually a university student, who is part of an organization on her campus that works to increase awareness of Western Sahara`s occupation by Morocco. I was intrigued to hear of how brutal life in the camps of Western Sahara can be for people residing there. Meeting with the representatives put in perspective how important the work of Emmaus Stockholm is and that their work is affecting real people. It is amazing seeing how different the work culture of Sweden is compared to the United States. When working at Emmaus Stockholm, I felt like I was an actual employee of the company. Whenever I had issues with a project or just wanted to simply voice my opinionsI did so, and they were well-received by my supervisors. My all-time favorite opportunity I had while working with Emmaus Stockholm was going on a work trip to the famous, annual Almedalen Week held in the city of Visby, Gotland.”



Joanna Egan. Foto: Caroline Nord/ Emmaus Stockholm

Joanna Egan kommer från Australien men studerar för närvarande på John Cabot University i Rom:

I did a lot of research on Western Sahara in order to get up to speed on the topic. Further to this I was also able to talk to and interview some visitors from Western Sahara that were being hosted by Emmaus Stockholm. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of the situation and to hear their personal stories. Overall I had a very well-rounded experience in which I was able to learn about all the different facets of the organisation. The part that most stood out to me was being able to meet with people of a similar age to myself from Western Sahara and understand how their lives are different to that of my own. This was very striking to me as many of them live their lives with hardships that we cannot begin to imagine, such as growing up in a refugee camp or living under the repression of Morocco in the occupied territories. Their stories also really impressed me as, despite all the difficulties faced in their lives, they continued to work towards their goals such as attaining a university education. The fact that they were also so young and yet so politically active and engaged with politicians and NGOs was also very inspiring.”


Lila Beronja som studerar till ingenjör i Lyon i Frankrike:

Lila Beronja. Foto: Caroline Nord/ Emmaus Stockholm

”I had an interesting experience here at Emmaus Stockholm, which lead me to discover a whole new world, from the organisation of a non-profit association to the situation of sahrawis in Western Sahara. I had the chance to work in the sorting of clothes, in the store and on some projects, so I had an overall experience that allowed me to really discover how Emmaus Stockholm is organised, how people work together through the different parts and the humanitarian part in all of it. Another thing that striked me is the gap between the clothing work and the humanitarian one. There seems to be a world between these two activities, which is normal because there is no visible connections, and two ways of improving the world – one more ecological and the other more social. But at the samt time the store provide fundings to the humanitarian work, and one can not exist without the other. During my stay I have learnt a lot and improved my understanding of humanitarian work.”


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